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IRS: Liars, Thieves, Thugs, Cowards and Hypocrites

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IRS: Liars, Thieves, Thugs, 
             Cowards and Hypocrites

by Pat Patton

    The conclusion reached within this book: Most, if not all, private American citizens did not ever, and do not now, owe a federal tax; And are due refunds for sums deposited (money sent in) as surmised [anticipated, presumed] liability for taxes. 

    Agents commit acts rising to the level of Felony against private, American citizens creating cause for criminal complaints as well as culpability for civil damages. The task is to learn means to prosecute lawless agents criminally first as individuals [private, personal], then either perfect Actions in Trespass, or other appropriate actions, under the common law [or, civil law] second. 

    The quote below is one of many more showing many judges of the appellate courts (and evidence appears the inferior federal district courts) know the law, but are willfully blind, and allow oppression and suffering, loss of liberty, property, and life. The agents, the agency, or the courts cannot vitiate liability by claiming they had no way to know, and are without excuse to claim want of knowledge. The evidence shows the "Justice" Department, the Internal Revenue Service, and the courts know the evil and mischief perpetrated and allowed. 

"[13]...Tax liability is a condition precedent to the demand. Merely demanding payment, even repeatedly, does not cause liability. 
"[14,15] For the condition precedent of liability to be met, there must be a lawful assessment, either a voluntary one by the taxpayer or one procedurally proper by the IRS...."
    Hans Bothke v. Fluor Engineers Constructors, Inc, and Terry, 713 F. 2d 1405 (9th, 1983)

    The courts know this, as well as the "Justice" Department for the United States. This fact alone exhibits the sophistry and duplicity the private, American citizen should expect from either area of civil power. Either the statement is true, or the inferior, federal district courts and the justice department are dumb as post and green as gourds exhibiting gross incompetence. In the alternative all that is left is full blown arrogance and oppression. In either instance if justice, judgment, remedy and relief is to exist in the inferior federal judiciary and the Justice Department then many should be removed from continuing to hold office.

    What the vast majority of private, American citizens have no awareness is the law does not provide for anyone except an assessment officer to assess a tax. 

See: Estate of Goetz, 286 F.Supp. 128 

    Not one of the numerous C.P.A.'s, tax accountants, tax attorneys the author asked could say they had ever seen a "lawful assessment". Further, private, American citizen should expect to not ever get a "lawful assessment" since the presumption now exists none has not ever been imposed on a private, American citizen. 

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